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(15~16쪽 단어)

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    M: Mom. We’re making cups in our pottery class tomorrow.
    W: Oh, yeah? What type of cup are you going to make, Dave?
    M: I’m thinking about making a mug with two handles.
    W: That’ll be nice. It’ll make it fancier. What about a pattern?
    M: I think I’ll put stripes on it. Plain would be too simple.
    W: Okay. Why don’t you make a lid for it as well?
    M: Wouldn’t that be too hard? I don’t have enough time during the class to do all that.
    W: You’re right. Well, I’m sure it’ll be fun.
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    M: Hey, Amy. What brings you here?
    W: Hi. I started studying Chinese, so I’m here to buy a book.
    M: Awesome! I’m studying Chinese, too. Maybe we could study together sometime.
    W: Sure. Did you come here to buy a Chinese book, too?
    M: No. I came to buy a book titled History and Now.
    W: That’s written by William Tucker, right? I have it. I can lend it to you.
    M: Thanks, but actually I have to buy a new one. I need to replace the library copy I lost.
    W: Oh, I see.
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    M: Welcome to the Dream Resort’s daily activity. Today, we’re canoeing on the sea and it’s a perfect day for it. The waves aren’t very high and the wind is mild today. Before we go canoeing, let me tell you about the safety rules. First, you must wear a life jacket at all times. Second, don’t cross the yellow line out there in the sea. Finally, don’t lie in the canoe. Now, are you ready? Let’s have fun.

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    M: Hey, Angela. Did you hear back from the company you applied to?
    W: Hi, Ryan. I did. I got the job.
    M: Really? Congratulations!
    W: Thanks, but I’m not going to work for that company.
    M: Oh, really? Why?
    W: Well, I was offered a manager job at my previous workplace. Isn’t it great?
    M: Wow! That’s amazing!
    W: Yeah, I can’t wait to start working as a manager.
    M: I’m really jealous of you.

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    [Phone rings] W: Hello. This is Jessica from Future Trading Company. Is this Mr. Kim?
    M: Yes, speaking.
    W: Hi. You applied for our internship program, right?
    M: Yes. Is there anything wrong?
    W: Unfortunately, you’ve forgotten to include a copy of your graduation certificate.
    M: Oh, no! Can I submit it now? I really want to join the program.
    W: Yes, but you have to submit it by 6 p.m. today.
    M: Thank you. Is the online application system still open?
    W: Yes. You can upload it there.

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    M: Ms. Lee, I have something to talk about.
    W: Okay. Now?
    M: Oh, not right now. I have to change my clothes for P.E. class. Do you have a minute at lunch time?
    W: Yes, but what is it about?
    M: I want to talk to you about my grade. I’ve been studying hard these days, but my grades haven’t improved much.
    W: Many students are having the same problem. Come by my office at lunch and I can discuss it with you.
    M: Thanks. See you then.

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    W: Good afternoon. How can I help you?
    M: Hi. I’ve just arrived and was wondering if I could I get a tourist map for the city?
    W: Sure. Here you are. I can also give you some recent guidebooks for free.
    M: Great. I’m staying at a hotel across the street. Could you recommend some must-see tourist attractions nearby?
    W: Sure. I’ll mark some places on the map for you.
    M: Thanks a lot.
    W: You’re welcome. If you need any more help, please come back to our information center again.
    M: Okay. I will.

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    [Cellphone rings.]
    M: Jane. I’m really sorry for calling you this late at night.
    W: No problem. I’m still working on my homework. What’s up?
    M: I just got my homework done, but my printer is out of order.
    W: Oh, that’s too bad, Ray. We have to hand in our homework tomorrow morning.
    M: I know. That’s why I’m calling. Could you print out my homework if I email it to you?
    W: Sure. No problem at all. I’ll bring it to school tomorrow.
    M: Thanks a lot. I’ll do it right away.

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    M: Hi, Jiwon! Did you apply for this year’s science fair?
    W: Yes. I’ve just submitted my application. What about you?
    M: Not yet. I really want to, but I can’t decide what to make.
    W: Hmm... How about asking Mr. Jung, our physics teacher for ideas? I know that’s one of your favorite classes.
    M: Good idea! Can you give me his phone number if you have it? I should call to make an appointment with him.
    W: Sure. I’ll text it to you tonight. I left my cellphone at home.
    M: Thank you so much.

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    M: May I help you?
    W: Yes. I’m looking for a men’s watch for my husband.
    M: I’d be glad to help you with that. We have two designs, round and square ones.
    W: I think he’ll like the round one.
    M: That’s really popular these days. Do you think he’d prefer a leather strap or a metal one?
    W: He already has a metal one, so I think a leather strap would be nice.
    M: Then, we have these two options.
    W: Well, they don’t look any different to me. I’ll buy the cheaper one.

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    W: May I have your attention, please? I’m the president of the student council. We’re running a “Collect to Share Drive.” Your small contributions will be of great help to people in need. Both teachers and students can join the campaign. Please donate any necessities such as soap, shampoo, and so on. Bring your items to the auditorium from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For further information, drop by the student council. Thank you.

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    [Phone rings.] M: Hello, Mom! Are you at home?
    W: Yes. I just got home from grocery shopping. What’s up?
    M: I ordered some sports shoes online. They were supposed to be delivered this afternoon. Did you get them?
    W: No, but I found a note on our door saying a package was left at the apartment office.
    M: Good. Could you pick it up for me?
    W: Well, can you get it on your way home?
    M: I’m afraid I can’t. I’ll be home late. I’m working on my assignment.
    W: Okay. Then, I’ll get it for you.
    M: Thank you, Mom.

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    W: I’m so sorry, Paul. The bus came late.
    M: It’s fine. I’ve just arrived, too. The movie we wanted to watch at 11 o’clock is sold out, anyway.
    W: Really? That’s a shame. I really wanted to see that movie. I’m a big fan of the main actor.
    M: Look! There are tickets available in the afternoon.
    W: Shall we have lunch first, and then watch the movie in the afternoon?
    M: Sounds good. Before going for lunch, let me buy the tickets.
    W: Good idea.

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    W: Number One
    M: Wow! Riding a skateboard in the park is very exciting!
    W: Yeah, but please look ahead carefully for people on the path.
    W: Number Two
    M: How much does it cost to rent a skateboard here?
    W: It costs 5,000 won an hour.
    W: Number Three
    M: Excuse me, you are not allowed to ride skateboards here.
    W: I’m sorry. I didn’t know that.
    W: Number Four
    M: Look at those fancy skateboards on the shelf!
    W: They look so cool! I wish I had one.
    W: Number Five
    M: Why don’t we ride skateboards together?
    W: Sorry, I don’t have time for that.

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    M: Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard the Happy Train Tour. I’m your guide, Chris. Let me introduce our trip briefly. This train will be leaving at 2 p.m. heading for our final destination, Apollo City. On the way there, you will enjoy a beautiful sunset. Dinner will be delivered to your room at 6 p.m. After dinner, you’ll see fireworks. Enjoy your trip. Thank you.

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    W: Hey, Jimmy! I heard you participated in the marathon last year.
    M: Yes, I did. I’ve done it for the last three years.
    W: Wow! How many people participated in it last year?
    M: There were about 1,000 people there last year, but I heard this year there will be more than 10,000 participating.
    W: Awesome! That many! I want to try someday.
    M: You should. How about running together this time?
    W: Well, I’m not sure that I can do it this year. I’ve never run in a marathon in my life before.
    M: ____________________________________________

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    W: Hi, Jinsu. Congratulations! I heard you won a prize in the English debate contest.
    M: Thank you, Yumi. I think if you had entered the contest, you would’ve won the prize.
    W: Thanks for the compliment, but you deserved it.
    M: Yumi. You speak English really well. Why didn’t you compete in the contest?
    W: Actually, I really want to participate in English contests, but I’m so afraid of failure.
    M: I felt the same way. I was also concerned about it.
    W: But you overcame your fear. I wonder how that’s possible.
    M: ____________________________________________

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    M: Hi, Nancy. Have you decided on a topic for the science project?
    W: Hi, Steven. Yeah, I’m thinking about studying the Earth’s revolution and seasonal changes.
    M: Really? That is the field I’m most interested in. Then, who are you going to work with?
    W: Eddie and Emma were on my team, but Emma suddenly moved to another school.
    M: Oh, that’s too bad. You’re missing one person, then.
    W: Yeah. How about you, Steven? Do you have a team?
    M: No, but I’d like to find one.
    W: ____________________________________________

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    W: Andy, what are you reading?
    M: It’s the bestseller, “Being and Pain,” by Christopher Milan.
    W: Really? I read it last week. Isn’t it difficult?
    M: Yes, it is. It was a little hard to understand at the beginning, but it got more interesting as I kept reading.
    W: Right. Why don’t you study the authors before you read difficult books? It was really helpful for me.
    M: Great idea. I should use your strategy next time.
    W: ____________________________________________

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    M: John has a gym class today in the afternoon and he has a performance test for badminton. He realized that he forgot to bring his badminton racket just before lunch. At lunch time, he saw his friend, Tina, play badminton on the playground. He wants to borrow her racket. In this situation, what would John most likely say to Tina? John: Tina, ____________________________________________

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”